Nokia Kazenda 2020: Launch Date, Price, Specs of 5G Phone

Nokia Kazenda 2020: Release Date, Price, Specs! This is an upcoming Huawei flagship smartphone that is now upcoming. In this generation Huawei brand bringing a new model smartphone with the utmost specs and features. There is nothing to say another thing about this smartphone brand. Because this smartphone brand, as usual, offering the best smartphone to their customers. So that the customers can purchase a new model high performance featured smartphone at the lowest cost.

Nokia Kazenda 5G 2020

Every mobile phone company always wants to offers the best performance on the smartphone. So, Nokia could bring this model Nokia Kazenda model smartphone this year. Because this model smartphone rumor is now trending on the social media platform. So, this model phone has the ability to get popularity in the market place. Because this model smartphone rumor is now trending. Now we will discuss this phone launching date information, news, price, specs and such kinds of things.

Nokia Kazenda 2020 Release Date & Price

Release Date:

Now the also most important question from every people, when will release the Nokia Kazenda? You already know that about the announcement that there are no official announcements published officially. Unofficially, we can expect from gathering knowledge from the experts that this phone could be released in December 2020.

Price Information:

The price information is now the other most important thing. If you want to know the price, here we can say that now the price information is now unable. It’s the main cause there is no official declaration are now available. But according to the expectation, this Nokia Kazenda 2020 price will fall at $800.

Nokia Kazenda 2020 Specs:

In the first, we should talk about the display specs. This phone specs a large IPS LCD with a resolution of 1560 x 3120 pixels. The display size is 6.3″ inches and the display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 7.

In the powering section, this Kazenda flagship 5G bears Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. This is the latest technology new model chipset. All kinds of the latest features exist in this model chipset. It is also next-generation new model chipset.

Nokia Kazenda 2020

You know that the storage is now the important thing in this generation. Because it helps to store huge amounts of data. So, it is another most important thing in this generation. So, everyone always wants to get a large capacitive storage smartphone. This Nokia Kazenda 5G flagship rocks a large capacitive of 10GB RAM & 256GB of the ROM storage. Externally this phone could extend the storage by using a microSD card maximum 512GB.

Penta Camera in the rear and there are also dual cameras on the front side. In the rear side, there are 48MP + 16MP + 2MP + 8MP + 5MP sensors. And there also exist 48MP + 12MP sensors on the front section for the selfies and video callings.

For the powerhouse, this phone has a large capacitive 7000mAh battery. This phone also supports the quick charging system. So, the user could use the phone for a long time without facing the charging problem.

Nokia Kazenda 2020: Networks & Security

This upcoming smartphone will support the EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE & 5G networks technology. And this phone also exists many kinds of sensors that are very important. From the previous networks technology, fifth-generation network technology is the most important in this generation. Because the 5G network technology is the very powerful network technology and able to transfer data with very high speeds that are the first time in the world.

There are the Fingerprint sensor is one of them. This sensor keeping one of the most important roles in the security section. There also included the Face ID. These two are keeping the most important role in the security section.